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Original Article on Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastasis

Radiographic characteristics of neuroendocrine liver metastases do not predict clinical outcomes following liver resection
Emily A. Armstrong, Eliza W. Beal, Manisha Shah, Bhavana Konda, Sherif Abdel-Misih, Aslam Ejaz, Mary E. Dillhoff, Timothy M. Pawlik, Jordan M. Cloyd
Immunotherapy utilization for hepatobiliary cancer in the United States: disparities among patients with different socioeconomic status
Kota Sahara, S. Ayesha Farooq, Diamantis I. Tsilimigras, Katiuscha Merath, Anghela Z. Paredes, Lu Wu, Rittal Mehta, J. Madison Hyer, Itaru Endo, Timothy M. Pawlik

Review Article on Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastasis

Surgical approach to synchronous colorectal liver metastases: staged, combined, or reverse strategy
Heather A. Lillemoe, Jean-Nicolas Vauthey
Current state of the art imaging approaches for colorectal liver metastasis
Bita Hazhirkarzar, Pegah Khoshpouri, Mohammadreza Shaghaghi, Mounes Aliyari Ghasabeh, Timothy M. Pawlik, Ihab R. Kamel
Role of thermal ablation in the management of colorectal liver metastasis
Hideo Takahashi, Eren Berber


Expanding treatment strategies for hepatocellular carcinoma patients: postoperative adjuvant transarterial chemoembolization
Rodolfo Sacco, Antonio Facciorusso
Editorial on “Role of thermal ablation in the management of colorectal liver metastasis”
Antonio Giorgio, Pietro Gatti, Massimo De Luca, Paolo Matteucci, Valentina Giorgio
Repeat hepatectomy for recurrent colorectal cancer liver metastases after two-stage hepatectomy—limitations and opportunities
Hop S. Tran Cao, Jean-Nicolas Vauthey
Radioguided surgery with 68Ga-DOTATATE for patients with neuroendocrine tumors
Valentina Ambrosini, Stefano Fanti
An updated scoring system for prediction of survival after resection of colorectal liver metastases: addition of KRAS status as an important risk modifier
Evan Jost, Don Major, Elijah Dixon
Dissociating nonalcoholic steatohepatitis from hepatocellular carcinoma in obesity
Stergios A. Polyzos, Jannis Kountouras, Antonis Goulas, Eleni Papakonstantinou, Paraskevi Papaioannidou
Hepatocellular carcinoma surveillance: the often-neglected practice
Jennifer Sammon, Korosh Khalili
Associating liver partition and portal vein ligation for staged hepatectomy (ALPPS)—pushing the envelope in modulation of future liver remnant before major hepatectomy
Albert C. Y. Chan, Chung Mau Lo
Possibility of repeat surgery for recurrence following two-stage hepatectomy for colorectal liver metastases: impact on patient outcome
Francesco Ardito
Immunotherapy in hepatobiliary tumors: search for the missing pieces of the puzzle
Matteo Donadon, Federica Marchesi, Lorenza Rimassa, Guido Torzilli
Current status and future prospect of surgical treatment for pancreatic cancer
Yinmo Yang
Combined portal vein and hepatic vein embolization—finally the platinum procedure of regenerative liver surgery?
Erik Schadde

Letter to the Editor

Prevention of bile spillage during cholecystectomy: current evidences and considerations
Maurizio Zizzo, Lorenzo Manzini, Magda Zanelli, Loredana De Marco, Carolina Castro Ruiz, Antonio Manenti, Valerio Annessi
Metastatic solitary fibrous tumor of the pancreas in a patient with Doege–Potter syndrome
Xiaohui Qian, Dongkai Zhou, Bingqiang Gao, Weilin Wang
An alpha-fetoprotein-negative hepatoid adenocarcinoma of the gallbladder with squamous differentiation
Xiaohui Qian, Dongkai Zhou, Bingqiang Gao, Weilin Wang

Review Article

Histamine regulation of pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer: a review of recent findings
Taylor Francis, Allyson Graf, Kyle Hodges, Lindsey Kennedy, Laura Hargrove, Mattie Price, Kate Kearney, Heather Francis
Liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma
Jerome Byam, John Renz, J. Michael Millis
Hilar cholangiocarcinoma: diagnosis, treatment options, and management
Kevin C. Soares, Ihab Kamel, David P. Cosgrove, Joseph M. Herman, Timothy M. Pawlik

Original Articles

Correlation between 3D-MRCP and intra-operative findings in right liver donors
Aly Ragab, Reyold I. Lopez-Soler, Aytekin Oto, Giuliano Testa
Diagnosis and treatment of hepatic angiomyolipoma
Shunda Du, Ying Li, Yilei Mao, Xinting Sang, Xin Lu, Wenze Wang, Qing Zhang, Huadan Xue, Xiaobo Yang, Shaohua Li, Tianyi Chi, Shouxian Zhong, Jiefu Huang
Liver transplantation in mainland China: the overview of CLTR 2011 annual scientific report
Haibo Wang, Wenshi Jiang, Zhiye Zhou, Jianyan Long, Wen Li, Sheung Tat Fan
Cytochrome P450 2E1 inhibition prevents hepatic carcinogenesis induced by diethylnitrosamine in alcohol-fed rats
Qinyuan Ye, Fuzhi Lian, Pollyanna R.G. Chavez, Jayong Chung, Wenhua Ling, Hua Qin, Helmut K. Seitz, Xiang-Dong Wang

Original Article

Inhibition of the liver expression of arylalkylamine N-acetyltransferase increases the expression of angiogenic factors in cholangiocytes
Anastasia Renzi, Romina Mancinelli, Paolo Onori, Antonio Franchitto, Gianfranco Alpini, Shannon Glaser, Eugenio Gaudio

Review Article

Melatonin regulation of biliary functions
Shannon Glaser, Yuyan Han, Heather Francis, Gianfranco Alpini


Risk stratification for Hepatitis B treatment in the molecular age
Sanjay R. Mehta, Alexander Kuo

Original Articles

Cytochrome P450 2E1 inhibition prevents hepatic carcinogenesis induced by diethylnitrosamine in alcohol-fed rats
Qinyuan Ye, Fuzhi Lian, Pollyanna R.G. Chavez, Jayong Chung, Wenhua Ling, Hua Qin, Helmut K. Seitz, Xiang-Dong Wang
Effect of tomato extract supplementation against high-fat diet-induced hepatic lesions
Antonio J. Melendez-Martinez, Andre F. Nascimento, Yan Wang, Chun Liu, Yilei Mao, Xiang-Dong Wang

Review Articles on Liver Immunology: Part 2

Contribution of bone marrow-derived fibrocytes to liver fibrosis
Jun Xu, Min Cong, Tae Jun Park, David Scholten, David A. Brenner, Tatiana Kisseleva

Original Article on Fatty Liver Disease and Nutrient Intervention: Part 1

Inhibition of diethylnitrosamine-initiated alcohol-promoted hepatic inflammation and precancerous lesions by flavonoid luteolin is associated with increased sirtuin 1 activity in mice
Bruna Paola Murino Rafacho, Camilla Peach Stice, Chun Liu, Andrew S. Greenberg, Lynne M. Ausman, Xiang-Dong Wang

Original Article on Fatty Liver Disease and Nutrient Intervention: Part 2

DGAT1-deficiency affects the cellular distribution of hepatic retinoid and attenuates the progression of CCl4-induced liver fibrosis
Jason J. Yuen, Seung-Ah Lee, Hongfeng Jiang, Pierre-Jacques Brun, William S. Blaner

Review Article on Retinoid Biology: Part I

STRA6: role in cellular retinol uptake and efflux
Mary Kelly, Johannes von Lintig

Original Article on Retinoid Biology: Part I

Alcohol exposure in utero perturbs retinoid homeostasis in adult rats
Youn-Kyung Kim, Michael V. Zuccaro, Changqing Zhang, Dipak Sarkar, Loredana Quadro

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