Vol 3, No 5 (October 2014): Hepatobiliary Surgery and Nutrition (Special Focus on Dedicated to the 2nd International Congress of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery)

Review Article

Gallbladder cancer
Mislav Rakic, Leonardo Patrlj, Mario Kopljar, Robert Klicek, Marijan Kolovrat, Bozo Loncar, Zeljko Busic
Pre-resectional inflow vascular control: extrafascial dissection of Glissonean pedicle in liver resections
Aleksandar Karamarković, Krstina Doklestić
Post-hepatectomy liver failure
Rondi Kauffmann, Yuman Fong
Pancreatic surgery: evolution and current tailored approach
Mario Zovak, Dubravka Mužina Mišić, Goran Glavčić
Potential use of Doppler perfusion index in detection of occult liver metastases from colorectal cancer
Mario Kopljar, Leonardo Patrlj, Željko Bušić, Marijan Kolovrat, Mislav Rakić, Robert Kliček, Marcel Židak, Igor Stipančić
Pancreatic fistula and postoperative pancreatitis after pancreatoduodenectomy for pancreatic cancer
Miroslav Ryska, Jan Rudis
Techniques for prevention of pancreatic leak after pancreatectomy
Hans F. Schoellhammer, Yuman Fong, Singh Gagandeep
Robotic liver surgery
Universe Leung, Yuman Fong
“Vanishing liver metastases”—A real challenge for liver surgeons
Alex Zendel, Eylon Lahat, Yael Dreznik, Barak Bar Zakai, Rony Eshkenazy, Arie Ariche
Small for size liver remnant following resection: prevention and management
Rony Eshkenazy, Yael Dreznik, Eylon Lahat, Barak Bar Zakai, Alex Zendel, Arie Ariche
The laparoscopic liver resections—an initial experience and the literature review
Mislav Rakić, Leonardo Patrlj, Robert Kliček, Mario Kopljar, Antonija Đuzel, Kristijan Čupurdija, Željko Bušić
Complications after percutaneous ablation of liver tumors: a systematic review
Eylon Lahat, Rony Eshkenazy, Alex Zendel, Barak Bar Zakai, Mayan Maor, Yael Dreznik, Arie Ariche
The surgical treatment of patients with colorectal cancer and liver metastases in the setting of the “liver first” approach
Leonardo Patrlj, Mario Kopljar, Robert Kliček, Masa Hrelec Patrlj, Marijan Kolovrat, Mislav Rakić, Antonija Đuzel


The focused issue“Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery” was commissioned by the editorial office, Hepatobiliary Surgery and Nutrition without any sponsorship or funding. Leonardo Patrlj, Mario Kopljar and Yuman Fong served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the focused issue.