Kenneth K. Tanabe

Division of Surgical Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA.

Dr. Kenneth Tanabe serves as Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School, Chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Deputy Clinical Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. He received an M.D. degree from the University of California, San Diego, completed a residency in general surgery at the New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center, and completed a fellowship in surgical oncology at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Tanabe’s research laboratory focuses on molecular signals in cirrhosis and NASH that lead to hepatocellular transformation. He is the PI of an NIH-funded multi-institutional clinical trial evaluating erlotinib for treatment of cirrhosis and prevention of liver cancer. His research team has also developed several oncolytic viruses that effectively destroy liver tumors, and one of these engineered virus is presently under evaluation in an NIH-sponsored clinical trial. Dr. Tanabe is the author of more than 150 peer-reviewed original research articles, as well as dozens of review articles and book chapters. Dr. Tanabe serves as the Deputy Editor of Annals of Surgical Oncology and serves on the editorial board of several other oncology journals. He serves on the Surgical Oncology Board of the American Board of Surgery.