Giuliano Testa, MD, FACS, MBA

Living Donor Liver Transplantation, Annette C. and Harold C. Simmons Transplant Institute at Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, TX, USA

Dr. Giuliano Testa is an expert in liver transplantation. He specializes in living donor liver transplantation for both adult and pediatric patients. His experience in the field of living donor liver transplantation dates back to 1998 when he helped start the first European living donor program. He also specializes in complex liver surgery for benign and malignant diseases. He has been among the chief promoters of minimally invasive approaches to liver surgery. In fact, Dr. Testa was part of a team of doctors who successfully performed the first robotic complex liver surgery in the United States. In addition, Dr. Testa is an expert in small bowel transplant for both pediatric and adult patients. He was part of the team who performed the first successful combined living donor liver/small bowel transplant.