Vol 8, No 5 (October 2019): Hepatobiliary Surgery and Nutrition

Original Article

Endogenously increased n-3 PUFA levels in fat-1 transgenic mice do not protect from non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
Marie Liebig, Dirk Dannenberger, Brigitte Vollmar, Kerstin Abshagen
Bilateral proficiency over time leads to reduced donor morbidity in living donor hepatectomy
Viola Huang, Chao-Long Chen, Yu-Hung Lin, Tsan-Shiun Lin, Chih-Che Lin, Shih-Ho Wang, Chee-Chien Yong, Chih-Yi Chen, Yu-Fan Cheng
Perioperative characteristics and management of liver transplantation for isolated methylmalonic acidemia—the largest experience in China
Yi-Zhou Jiang, Li-Ying Sun, Zhi-Jun Zhu, Lin Wei, Wei Qu, Zhi-Gui Zeng, Ying Liu, Yu-Le Tan, En-Hui He, Rui-Fang Xu, Liang Zhang, Jun Wang, Xiao-Jie Chen
Development and validation of a nomogram for survival benefit of lymphadenectomy in resected gallbladder cancer
Mingyu Chen, Jian Lin, Jiasheng Cao, Hepan Zhu, Bin Zhang, Angela Wu, Xiujun Cai

Review Article

Machine perfusion strategies in liver transplantation
Andrea Schlegel, Xavier Muller, Philipp Dutkowski


The future of organ-oriented research and treatment
Qiang Zhao, Yu Nie, Zhiyong Guo, Xiaoshun He
Increasing contribution of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease to hepatocellular carcinoma incidence and mortality in U.S. Medicare
Carrie R. Wong, Joseph K. Lim
Relative skeletal muscle mass and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: from association to causation
Hee Yeon Kim, Jong Young Choi, Yong-Moon Park
Chasing the right path: tips, tricks and challenges of robotic approach to posterior segments
Fabrizio Di Benedetto, Giuseppe Tarantino, Paolo Magistri
Ramucirumab as a second-line treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma: reaching out further to patients with elevated alpha-fetoprotein
Edoardo G. Giannini, Franco Trevisani
Multiple hepatocellular carcinomas: liver resection or transcatheter arterial chemoembolization?
Yin Lei, Lau Wan Yee, Wei-Ping Zhou
Overview of emerging treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: more than one drug needed?
Dong Yun Kim, Jun Yong Park
The effect of direct-acting antivirals on hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence: still waiting for the turning point
Gaetano Serviddio, Rosanna Villani
Potential therapeutic strategies to target gut microbiota in hepatocellular carcinoma
Amedeo Amedei
Liver resection for multifocal hepatocellular carcinoma: is it an option?
Luca Viganò, Guido Costa, Luca Di Tommaso
Behavioral healthy nutrition and physical activity counseling in cardiovascular disease prevention: where we are now?
Demosthenes B. Panagiotakos, Matina Kouvari