Article Abstract

Surgery for gallstone disease during pregnancy does not increase fetal or maternal mortality: a meta-analysis

Authors: Ruvinder Athwal, Ricky Harminder Bhogal, James Hodson, Sean Ramcharan


Background: Pregnancy was traditionally considered a contraindication to cholecystectomy but is now becoming the favoured option for gallstone-related disease (GRD) during pregnancy.
Methods: To assess if cholecystectomy during pregnancy increases the risk of preterm labour, fetal mortality and maternal mortality. PubMed and MEDLINE databases for the period from January 1966 through December 2013. Studies were both conservative and surgical intervention was utilised in the management of GRD were included. The results of the included studies were pooled using meta-analysis techniques.
Results: Surgical intervention for GRD in pregnancy does not increase the risk of preterm labour, fetal mortality or maternal mortality.
Conclusions: Cholecystectomy during pregnancy for GRD is associated with low complications for the fetus and mother and should be considered in all suitable patients.